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The Everybody Brands podcast helps people build brands and organizations that inspire people to listen, trust, and take action. Insights for clarity in communications, culture, and purpose to help leaders grow brands that people love. Hosted by Brian Sooy — Agency owner, Brand Advisor, Author, and StoryBrand Certified Guide.

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    12 Principles for Purpose-Driven Brands and Culture

    The 12 principles of the Clarity Credo are essential values to help you align purpose, communications, relationships, and leadership. The Clarity Principles are for people focused on growing their company with a culture that attracts and retains customers and talent. In this episode, we talk about the four dimensions of communications and culture and explore how the 12 principles help you nurture a brand and culture that inspires people.

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    How To Become A Brand People Trust

    Trust is a brand asset for which every employee, from the CEO to the front-line team, is responsible. Every interaction is an opportunity to build relationships and nurture trust. In this episode, I explore how being trustworthy impacts major brands like Facebook and Marriot, and how trust will help your organization grow by being more appealing to employees and customers.

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    Become A Believable Brand

    Your brand embodies the purpose, mission, values, vision, message, and impact of the organization. Leave one out and people fill the gap with what they want to believe. Are you willing to risk that?

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    The Qualities of a Difference Maker

    What defines a Difference Maker? What are the qualities of a Difference Maker? Discover the four dimensions of communication and culture to amplify your voice, deepen knowledge, and expand your impact in the difference you want to make as a business owner or as a nonprofit.

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    Brand Flip: A Conversation with Marty Neumeier and Brian Sooy

    Brian Sooy and Marty Neumeier discuss “The Brand Flip,” a whiteboard overview of how customers now run companies. The Brand Flip defines how your customers influence (and own) your brand. As often as brand managers and communications like to think a brand is all about an organization (it's not), Marty's insights and experience prove we have a long way to go in truly understanding the discipline of brand management.

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    3 Rules For Putting Strategy into Action

    Let’s cut to the chase: if your communication initiatives don’t directly align with the objectives or focus from your strategic plan, you’re merely doing busy work. You’re in possession of a to-do list disguised as strategic communications. If you are a smart individual who wants to make the best use of your time and limited resources to help your organization communicate, raise awareness, and increase revenue, you can apply these three rules for converting strategy into action.

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    Todd Henry on Finding Your Authentic Voice

    In this interview, Todd and Brian Sooy talk about impact, why a manifesto is more compelling than a mission or vision statement, and how empathy for your audience helps you connect most effectively with those you're creating for. Visit causemanifesto.com for more resources and content like this.

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    The Cause Manifesto: Be Courageous

    Be Courageous. We will dream big dreams, and have the courage to change and adapt in order to make our vision a reality. Courage may require that you step into the unknown. It may require difficult conversations. It will require that you find a way to overcome whatever fear is preventing you from taking the next step.

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    The Cause Manifesto: Be Powerful

    Be Powerful. We will believe our cause is meaningful, and act in the belief that it has the power to change the world. Power comes from strength: a courageous and engaged board; a confident and competent leader; a clearly articulated purpose; and a mission embodied by the character, culture, and voice of the organization.

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    The Cause Manifesto: Be Positive

    Be Positive. We will choose our words well, for they will motivate people to follow, donate, advocate, and believe in our cause. Optimism is a better motivator than pessimism. Internally and externally, stakeholders will respond to positive messages with a positive response.

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    The Cause Manifesto: Be Trustworthy

    Be Trustworthy. We will seek accountability and transparency, acting and speaking in a manner consistent with our values, character, and culture. Clarity — the principle of clear and focused communication — can only be achieved when an organization makes its communications choices from the perspective of mission-driven design. Its purpose, culture, character, and voice must be unified in support of the cause.

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    The Cause Manifesto: Be Grateful

    The true gift that is given is your supporter's trust. Money, services and time is an accompaniment to that gift. How you respond shows your donor that their gift is as meaningful to you as it is to them.

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    The Cause Manifesto: Be Social

    All media is social media, and every interaction is an opportunity to build a relationship. Explore why ambassadors and advocates need to be authentic.

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    The Cause Manifesto Be Engaging

    Be Engaging — As in a conversation, listen as often as you speak to stakeholders, supporters and believers in your cause. From "Raise Your Voice: A Cause Manifesto."

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    The Cause Manifesto Be Inspiring

    The power of words inspires me. The right words, shared at the right time, give hope and purpose. Words create an expectation of reality; anticipation for what is promised, hope for what is to come. An audio abstract from Raise Your Voice: A Cause Manifesto.

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    The Cause Manifesto: Be Insightful

    Be insightful. We will embrace data as a means to telling our story and gaining greater insight into the outcomes of our mission. An audio abstract from Part Two, chapter Four of Raise Your Voice: A Cause Manifesto.

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    The Cause Manifesto: Be Meaningful

    Be meaningful. We will ensure that our values and actions align with the reasons that motivate our followers and stakeholders to believe in our cause. An audio abstract from part two, chapter 3 of Raise Your Voice: A Cause Manifesto.

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    The Cause Manifesto: Be Focused

    Focus your strategy and communication on the information needs of your audience. Learn to speak their language, what they care about, and how to best speak to their minds and touch their hearts.

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    The Cause Manifesto: Be Strategic

    Strategy is not an option, it's a requirement of your mission. Every purpose-driven organization needs a strategic plan to guide its activity and communication.

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    Raise Your Voice: Mission Driven Design

    Mission-Driven design aligns design and communications with and organization's purpose and mission. Purpose, values, and character support a culture of communications that nurtures trust. Are you ready to Raise Your Voice?

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    Raise Your Voice: Repeating the Same Conversations

    Many organizations want to raise their voice before they understand how best to communicate with their audience. How will you find clarity? Do less marketing. Build more relationships.

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    Knowing When To Raise Your Voice

    Your organization is not a brand, it is the voice of your cause. Any organization that acts and speaks on behalf of a worthy cause, becomes the voice of that cause.

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    Raise Your Voice: Inspiration Starts at the Top

    Every nonprofit has two goals: create sustainable impact through its mission; and raise awareness, funds, and resources to advance its mission. Inspiration starts at the top — with the board and executive leadership.

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    Raise Your Voice: Ambassadors & Advocates

    Who are your nonprofit's biggest ambassadors, advocates, and biggest fans? Insights from the nonprofit marketing and branding book Raise Your Voice: A Cause Manifesto answers those questions.

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    Raise Your Voice: A Cause Manifesto Seeking Clarity

    Seeking Clarity from Raise Your Voice: A Cause Manifesto by Brian Sooy. Every day, purpose-driven organizations are trying to communicate better. Is yours one of them? Are you searching for clarity to connect your mission with your audience?

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    Raise Your Voice: The Cause Quadrant

    You need to position your organization as the voice of the cause, within a crowded and noisy marketplace. The path to clarity begins with awareness of where your cause is positioned in the mind of your audience, and what motivates them to support it.

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    The Cause Manifesto

    Four dimensions of communication and culture, 12 timeless resolutions of leadership for mission-driven leaders. These principles will help you align how your organization communicates its values through its purpose, character, culture, and voice.

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